Hummingbird 1.8.1

Hummingbird was updated to version 1.8.1, from version Changelog:

  • New: Option to auto clear cache on plugin/theme update
  • New: Option to hide all notices
  • New: Option to show clear cache button on the admin bar
  • Enhance: Various performance improvements and tweaks
  • Enhance: Removed duplicate queries
  • Enhance: Optimize database writes/reads
  • Enhance: Keep compression settings when switching from advanced to basic view in asset optimization
  • Enhance: Javascript code optimization
  • Enhance: Improve WP_CACHE detection to avoid PHP warnings on some configurations
  • Enhance: Increased expiry time for files in asset optimization module
  • Fix: Remove RSS feeds from page caching
  • Fix: Empty exclusion rules in page cache settings were halting all page caching
  • Fix: Publish changes button not working after bulk updates
  • Fix: Page caching exclusion rules will now only escape the dot in the file extension (if present)
  • Fix: Product page type not showing in page caching settings