Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights 7.0.5

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights was updated to version 7.0.5, from version 7.04. Changelog:

  • New: Introduced a system (behind-the-scenes) that automatically attempts to correct for improperly set timezones in the WordPress settings panel, server timezone settings and/or GA profile timezones. This should eliminate issues with timezones on Lite user accounts, as well as allow for more accurate date reporting.
  • New: Introduced a system (behind-the-scenes) to allow for deauthentication of profiles set on websites whose profiles were migrated (for example from a staging site to a production site)
  • Tweak: Made clientID retrieval more efficient.
  • Fixed: Several translation/textdomain and typo fixes.
  • Fixed: Undefined $num in the overview report.