EWWW Image Optimizer 4.1.3

EWWW Image Optimizer was updated to version 4.1.3, from version 4.1.1. Changelog:


  • fixed: infinite loop when removing invalid API key
  • fixed: img elements with incorrect attachment ID being replaced with wrong image src
  • fixed: ExactDN CSS and JS parsing incompatible with Autoptimize


  • added: detect WP Fastest Cache WebP rewrite rules
  • added: notice if WebP conversion enabled but mod_rewrite or mod_headers is missing
  • added: better debugging when background/async mode is blocked
  • changed: CSS/JS files are filtered pre-emptively by ExactDN to avoid quirks with emoji scripts
  • fixed: warning during wp_cron for undefined constant
  • fixed: invalid or expired keys would still attempt optimization
  • fixed: WebP files are orphaned when using Media File Renamer
  • deprecated: PHP 5.3 will no longer be supported in 4.2
  • deprecated: PHP 5.4 support will be removed by July 2018
  • deprecated: PHP 5.5 support will be removed by October 2018