Co-Authors Plus 3.3.0

Co-Authors Plus was updated to version 3.3.0, from version 3.2.2. Changelog:

  • Fix private post viewing on front-end
  • Reduce amount of sleep
  • Author search UX issues
  • Remove associated guest user when mapped user id deleted.
  • Removed double left join on posts_join_filter
  • Fixed WP CLI create-terms-for-posts if no co-authors found
  • Pages archive now displays coauthors and quick edit works
  • Terminology updated throughout
  • Replace hardcoded ‘author’ with $this->$coauthor_taxonomy
  • Move parenthesis to fix esc_html and sprintf
  • Added progress to create-guest-authors so users have an idea of how long it will take
  • Deleting guest authors is less confusing
  • Guest author’s featured image is avatar now
  • Removed extra image sizing
  • Remove duplicated byline
  • coauthors_wp_list_authors() has option to list only guest authors now
  • remove duplicates from linked accounts on coauthors_wp_list_authors()
  • Accurate Guest Author post count on linked accounts
  • New
  • Filter author archive
  • Fix coauthors_links_single()
  • Added guest author hooks for create/delete
  • Fixes logic for DOING_AUTOSAVE check
  • user_login spaces problem when using add_coauthors
  • Adding details of filter for slow performance
  • Remove redundant test for 404 on Author Archive
  • Guest Author Counts are more accurate
  • Set $coauthors_loading
  • Fix the issue where guest authors with non-ASCII characters can’t be used as co-authors
  • Fix the issue where incompatibility when coauthors_auto_apply_template_tags set to true
  • Unit tests/Fix warnings for template tags
  • Review and improve test coverage
  • Update class-wp-cli.php
  • Update .travis.yml file for PHPUnit tests
  • Changes to resolve issue #332 about missing coauthor meta