Jetpack by 5.9

Jetpack by was updated to version 5.9, from version 5.8. Changelog:

  • WooCommerce Analytics: Added a new module for WooCommerce analytics that will use Jetpack’s analytics functionality to help you track activity on your WooCommerce store.
  • Custom Content Types: Added support for excerpts on Testimonial and Portfolio.
  • Activity Log: Improved the way we show failed login attempts in Jetpack’s Activity Log.
  • Admin Page: We now hide settings for Lazy Images and Photon in the Admin page when the modules are not enabled due to being filtered out by jetpack_get_available_modules.
  • Admin Page: Now we only show the dismissal button in Apps card of the Jetpack Dashboard for admin users.
  • Build: Added a pre-commit hook for linting the Jetpack Admin Page source code. This aids in finding common syntax and style problems before having to wait for automated tests to run.
  • JSON API: We removed an obsolete endpoint for updating invites.
  • Onboarding: Added the ability to configure the country for a business address the using the Onboarding functionality of Jetpack.
  • Onboarding: Added the ability to enable the stats module when using the Onboarding functionality.
  • Onboarding: We now delete the onboarding token when the site gets connected.
  • Jetpack Start: Updated scripts for partners allowing to pass a tracking ID when provisioning or cancelling a plan which will help in debugging.
  • Jetpack Start: Improved the documentation for partners so they’re now able to get them right on the Jetpack’s Github repository under the docs/partners directory.
  • Plans: Correctly forward the client IP address for currency localization.
  • Plans: Updated the copy-text on Jetpack’s Admin page for plans to be more concise on the features of each plan.
  • REST API: Added a plans endpoint to Jetpack’s REST API to better handle the features of each Jetpack plan internally.
  • Search Implicitly activate Jetpack Search when attempting to add the Jetpack Search widget.
  • Search: Updated the Jetpack Search settings card to be more helpful in setting up the widget.
  • Search: We made the “Add Jetpack Search Widget” link in the Search module settings card open the widgets section of the customizer.
  • Search: Move any active search widgets to the inactive list if you disable the search module.
  • Search: Only log mysql and ES query times that are less than 60 seconds. There are some outliers that mess up our stats.
  • Sync: Improved the way widget titles are synchronized to servers when widgets are saved or updated.
  • Twitter Cards: Added new jetpack_twitter_image_default filter to allow themes and plugins to customize twitter:image when no suitable image is found automatically.
  • We updated the way we handle Jetpack’s green color in out stylesheets for better compatibility with Jetpack’s new logo.
  • Admin Page: Jetpack’s Admin Page javascript code is now fully compatible with React 16.
  • JSON API: Updated the modules endpoint Jetpack’s JSON API to reply with a new property override that indicates if a module was either enabled or disabled by a filter.
  • Lazy Images: Updated the library used as IntersectionObserver for Lazy Images. We now use the W3C IntersectionObserver polyfill.
  • Lazy Images: Jetpack now allows the lazy images module to skip images with the skip-lazy css class or any given class of your choice by using the jetpack_lazy_images_blacklisted_classes filter.
  • Masterbar: Updated the sign out button behaviour of the Masterbar to not sign you out of when you sign out of your site for regular Jetpack sites.
  • REST API: Updated the modules endpoint in Jetpack’s REST API to be aware of modules that have been filtered through option_jetpack_active_modules allowing for better compatibility with custom Jetpack installation where the administrator decides to filter out specific Jetpack modules.
  • Sync: Added the jetpack_sync_action_before_enqueue action that’s done when anything gets enqueued before being synchronized to servers.
  • Admin Page: Removed all linting warnings for the JS code of the Admin page. These were only shown in development builds.
  • Connect: Fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in a notice being shown about another user already having connected a Jetpack site when attempting to connect your site to
  • General: Added suppress_filters param to get_posts / get_children function calls.
  • Markdown: Updated WordAds code to not use create_function which is getting deprecated in PHP 7.2.
  • Sync: Fixed a problem in Jetpack Sync code when trying to get property of non-object in the post syncing file.
  • Sync: Stopped synchronizing the sitemap post types to servers as it was an issue given the size of these.
  • Tracks events: Track events are logged now only if the user has accepted ToS and not just if Jetpack is connected.
  • Widget Visibility: Added a decodeEntities function in widget-conditions.js to handle entity decoding for the minor conditions dropdown.
  • WordAds: Updated WordAds code to not use create_function which is getting deprecated in PHP 7.2.