Hummingbird was updated to version 18.0.4, from version 1.7.2. Changelogs:

  • Fix: API spam issue
  • Fix: Performance scans not returning any results on some hostsFix: High CPU usage with wphb-check-cf checks

  • Enhance: Better settings upgrade on multisite installs
  • Fix: Scheduled performance reports stuck on a loop
  • Fix: Cached with Hummingbird comment shows on top of the page
  • Fix: Missing share-ui library


  • New: Advanced tools
  • New: Option to remove query strings from static resources
  • New: Option to remove Emoji
  • New: Optionto add critical CSS
  • New: Link to Hummingbird docson the plugin page
  • New: Page caching module can now cache 404 pages
  • New: RSSfeed cache options
  • New: Clear cache button on specific pages/posts
  • New: Database cleanup module
  • New: Prefetch DNS
  • New: Option to ignore performance reports
  • Enhance: Refactored plugin code to reduce number of errors and collisions with third party plugins
  • Enhance: Add links to docs on the plugin page
  • Enhance: Minification renamed to Asset Optimization
  • Enhance: Minification logs are now stored in wphb-logs instead of wphb-cache folder
  • Fix: CDN being enabled from minification scans on subsites in multinetwork installs
  • Fix: Default page caching exclusion rules regex syntax error
  • Fix: Clear cache notice clearing minification settings
  • Fix: Gzip not activating on Apache even if mod_deflate is installed on host