Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights 7.0.3

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights was updated to version 7.0.3, from version 7.0.0. Changelogs:


  • New: We added support for tracking download files that have a cache busting variable on the URL.
  • New: We added support for the new UserID mode used in our AMP addon.
  • Tweak: We fixed a bug with the notices class, and drastically cut back on the number of them.
  • Bugfix: We fixed a bug with our Facebook Instant Articles addon that prevented some users from being tracked for downloads.
  • Bugfix: We fixed a bug in the usage tracking for some types of installs.
  • Bugfix: We’ve allowed the disabling of tracking for admininistrator role users on single sites.


  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug with the analytics.js output where a UA code wasn’t entered, the $reason variable could be undefined.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where a notice might not be dismissable and we’ve also removed several of them.


  • New: Support for the updated version of MonsterInsights AMP plugin which switches from using a custom REST endpoint to using the now built in Google AMP ClientID synching feature. If you’re using the AMP addon, you’ll want to also update that addon as well.
  • New: The __gaTracker and disable tracking functions will always be defined, even when we’re not tracking users (for example if viewing a preview, or if a logged-in administrator) to allow sites to not have to worry about breakage when variable exist checking isn’t done.
  • New: We now output a notice in the console and output the GA code (though do not run it) when we’re not tracking someone. This makes it easier to verify the Google code is indeed outputting, and also makes it more clear as to why a particular user isn’t being tracked. Note, when testing Google Analytics code, always do it logged out, ideally in the private browsing/incognito mode of your web browser. We’re going to keep working on improving the frontend system to simplify it and add new features for both Lite and Pro users now that we’ve jettisoned ga.js support in MonsterInsights 7.0. You’ll see updates through the year that add new tracking features, particularly ones that we’re tweaking in order to expand and refine our built-in reporting.
  • New: We added a “have a MonsterInsights license” link on the settings panel, to make it clearer the procedure for the quick and easy upgrade from MonsterInsights Lite to MonsterInsights Pro.
  • Tweak: We removed the phrase referencing the dashboard (removed in MonsterInsights 7.0) from the permissions settings.
  • Bugfix: Due to us forgetting to include our jQuery shim for disable() in the Lite, some users were unable to use the 10/25/50 expand feature on the reports page.
  • Bugfix: An accidental use of the PHP function date instead of the one called time meant that some users were unable to see updated reporting data each day in the Lite version.
  • Bugfix: In sitei() in the api-auth class, we used mb_strimwidth to trim the final string to 30 characters. While this is a great PHP function, not all servers have the mbstring (Multibyte String) PHP extension installed, from which all mb_* functions are provided, despite it being a “required” PHP extension to use WordPress core. This caused some servers to be unable to authenticate and thus get our amazing new reports (sad face). This usage has been replaced with a standard substr use, thus allowing for compatibility with all servers.