BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Fixed Deployment issues including cleanup procedure and file queue.
  • Fixed Bad Comment Count in backup metadata (removed spam / trash from count).
  • Enhancement: Moved zip metadata to beginning of zip process to make it play better with certain shared hosting environments.
  • Fix bug preventing housekeeping of timed-out remote sends after corrupt fileoptions is found.
  • Improve feedback given when wp-cron loopbacks fail. Notify when script is reachable but crons aren’t firing.
  • Further modifications to updated cron loopback test. Don’t test for cron fire on backups page. Hide cron from list of late crons.
  • Fix bug including temp_dirs from previous BUB attempts in backup zip.
  • Fix bug causing backups to be sent to remote destination even if unchecked after initial check.
  • Further wp-cron loopback test improvements.
  • Improve Disconnect process from Stash Live.
  • Warn user if Stash Live and Stash Destinations are both activated.