WooCommerce Stripe Gateway 4.0.6

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway was updated to version 4.0.6, from version 4.0.5. Changelog:

  • Fix – A WC 2.6 backwards compat issue with function from WC 3.0.
  • Fix – Subs renewal sometimes failed due to parameters being different.
  • Fix – Stripe accepts only NO for Norwegian language on Stripe Checkout.
  • Fix – Refund fees may not accurately reflect net fees.
  • Fix – Undefined SERVERNAME property in some cases.
  • Fix – Potential issue when a charge parameter changes due to initial failed request causing retries to fail.
  • Fix – When 3DS is not required, failed payments was not change order status to failed.
  • Fix – Potential duplicate order processes on WC side when webhook and redirect has a race condition.
  • Remove – Checkout validation and let WC handle it.
  • Update – Stripe API version to 2018-02-06.
  • Add – Webhooks for review open/closed for Radar.
  • Add – Hook wc_stripe_refund_request for refund request arguments.
  • Add – Hook wc_stripe_validate_modal_checkout to enable 3rd party checkout validation.
  • Add – Hook wc_stripe_validate_modal_checkout_action to enable 3rd party checkout validation.