WooCommerce 3.3.3

WooCommerce was updated to version 3.3.3, from version 3.3.1. Changelogs:


  • Fix – Fixed is_numeric check which was affecting order subtotals/totals when using comma decimal separator.
  • Fix – Add missing direct script access checks to loop templates.
  • Fix – Added wp-post-image class to main image so variation images are swapped correctly.
  • Fix – API – Adjusted schema for products shipping_class_id to integer.
  • Fix – Made init tooltips event more specific to avoid conflict with Product Invoices extension.


  • Fix – Fixed admin product SKU searching and searching non-published products.
  • Fix – PHP7.1 notice when image height is empty.
  • Fix – Prevent repeated update_option calls on page load due to php type juggling.
  • Fix – Only do unsupported template rendering in the loop to prevent conflicts with other shortcodes on the shop page.
  • Fix – Don’t prepend regular shortcodes with categories.
  • Fix – If using get_catalog_ordering_args. remove the args when finished.
  • Fix – Remove “Type” column on attributes table by default unless custom types are defined.
  • Fix – Use verbose page rules when shop is in the URL, including shop base with category, to prevent 404s.
  • Fix – Set woocommerce_hide_invisible_variations to true so disabled variation attributes are hidden on product pages.
  • Fix – Help tip for webhook status.
  • Fix – Shipping zone documentation help link was printing wrong.
  • Fix – Stop background processing images when disabled via the filter.
  • Fix – Only search when a search term is provided. Ignore empty strings.
  • Fix – Fix check for external resources.
  • Fix – Show full date for future orders.
  • Fix – Prevent JS error is ‘orders’ row is disabled on order screen.
  • Fix – Fix save of tax settings when no changes have been made.
  • Fix – Add nonce to logout link on my account page so you do not need to confirm the action.
  • Fix – Fix plain text entity replacement so currency symbols are included.
  • Fix – API – Set status after order is created/updated so triggered emails are current.
  • Fix – API – Fix single webhook endpoint.
  • Tweak – Added help text for background image processing.
  • Tweak – Added notice when background image processing is running, with cancel button.
  • Tweak – Run background image processing less often by tracking changes.
  • Tweak – Added system status tool to run background image processing manually.
  • Tweak – If using Jetpack Photon, use that instead of background image processing.
  • Tweak – Gallery thumbnail image size to handle small, square cropped images.
  • Tweak – Helper function (and template version bump for image templates) to render gallery images.
  • Tweak – Add help text for the default category to explain usage.
  • Tweak – Allow changing the default product category.
  • Tweak – Tweak mobile view of order preview to improve layout in non-english.
  • Tweak – If selecting text, don’t link to order on row click.
  • Localization – Remove isle of man state.