Sucuri Security 1.8.12

Sucuri Security was updated to version 1.8.12, from version 1.8.11. Changelog:

  • Fix invalid array when deselecting all security alerts
  • Add language files to the list of ignored changes
  • Modify internal response to the log file not found error
  • Add option to force the firewall cache flush
  • Fix unexpected exception when open_basedir is in place
  • Add support to export and import trusted IP addresses
  • Add link to the audit logs API endpoint for developers
  • Add reverse ip address in all email alerts from visitor
  • Remove API key from the settings that can be exported
  • Modify code to make default plugin options filterable
  • Add ability to store the settings in the object cache
  • Add support for wp-cli and command to generate an API key
  • Fix missing documentation tags in the command line library
  • Fix format and coding standard in CSS and JavaScript files
  • Add button to toggle the visibility of the post-types table
  • Modify order of the added, modified, removed core files
  • Fix relative file path when ABSPATH is point to root
  • Add additional notifications for changes on users