EWWW Image Optimizer 4.1.0

EWWW Image Optimizer was updated to version 4.1.0, from version 4.0.6. Changelog:

  • SECURITY: gifsicle and optipng have been updated to address security flaws
    added: full compatibility with Image Watermark plugin
  • added: dummy images for Essential Grid and Layer Slider whitelisted with ExactDN
  • added: compatibility with Visual Composer and Essential Grid async/AJAX loaders
  • added: compatibility with Media File Renamer
  • changed: ExactDN rewrites all wp-content and wp-includes urls by default
  • changed: mime-type detection function does not rely on fileinfo extension anymore
  • changed: Solaris/SunOS binary builds use OpenIndiana 2017.10, let me know if they break
  • fixed: wp-emoji script not rewritten by EXACTDN_ALL_THE_THINGS
  • fixed: resize detection script throws error when admin bar is hidden
  • fixed: warnings when WP Offload S3 set to delete local files
  • updated: pngquant version 2.11.7