WooCommerce Stripe Gateway 4.0.4

WooCommerce Stripe Gateway was updated to version 4.0.4, from version 4.0.3. Changelog:

  • Add – SEPA mandate notification email.
  • Add – Preferred language to SOFORT and Bancontact so it can be localized.
  • Add – Hook to change SEPA mandate notification to none “wc_stripe_sepa_mandate_notification”.
  • Add – Hook to change data for product when using Payment Request Button “wc_stripe_payment_request_product_data”.
  • Add – Hook to change the behavior of allowing subscriptions to charge a customer’s default source “‘wc_stripe_use_default_customer_source’”.
  • Add – Hook to source object “wc_stripe_sofort_source”, “wc_stripe_p24_source”, “wc_stripe_ideal_source”, “wc_stripe_giropay_source”, “wc_stripe_bancontact_source”, “wc_stripe_alipay_source”, “wc_stripe_3ds_source”.
  • Add – Hook to change payment request button total label “wc_stripe_payment_request_total_label”.
  • Add – Hook to change locale of Stripe Checkout “wc_stripe_checkout_locale”.
  • Add – Hook to change elements options “wc_stripe_elements_options”.
  • Fix – When checkout form produces an error on mobile, sometimes the blocking mask is not release blocking new input.
  • Fix – On older subscription payments, the ending card number is not shown on the subscriptions table in my account.
  • Fix – Filter to show payment request button on checkout page not working.
  • Fix – WC session handling compatibility with WC 3.3.
  • Fix – BW compatibility with WC 2.6.x on add_order_meta to prevent errors.
  • Fix – Possible fix for duplicate charges due to webhook and redirect handler firing at the same time by adding delay to the webhook process.
  • Tweak – In a subscription billing, Stripe source ID is no longer a required field.
  • Tweak – On a subscription order renewal– if source is empty, will now try to charge the default source.
  • Notice – Bitcoin has been soft deprecated and Stripe will no longer support it on April 23, 2018. Please plan accordingly.
  • Remove – Stripe Checkout Locale setting in favor of using store set locale.
  • Update – Stripe API version to 2018-01-23.