WooCommerce PayPal Powered by Braintree Gateway 2.1.0

WooCommerce PayPal Powered by Braintree Gateway was updated to version 2.1.0, from version 2.0.4. Changelog:

  • Feature – Upgrade to the latest Braintree JavaScript SDK for improved customer experience, reliability, and error handling
  • Tweak – Add placeholder text for credit card inputs
  • Tweak – Add responsive sizing to the PayPal buttons and update to the recommended styling for the Cart and Checkout pages
  • Tweak – Add setting and filter to disable PayPal on the cart page
  • Tweak – Update all translatable strings to the same text domain
  • Tweak – Hide Kount as a fraud tool option for US-based stores as it’s not currently supported
  • Tweak – Only load the Braintree scripts when required on payment pages
  • Fix – Ensure that new customers have their billing address stored in the vault on their first transaction
  • Fix – Prevent linked PayPal accounts from being cleared if there are address errors at checkout
  • Fix – Fix some deprecated function notices