iThemes Security Pro 4.7.4

iThemes Security Pro was updated to version 4.7.4, from version 4.7.3. Changelog:

  • New Feature: Online Files Comparison now supports plugins.
  • Enhancement: Add support for changing position of the Invisible Recaptcha badge.
  • Enhancement: Display user lockouts in Lockout Sidebar.
  • Tweak: Use the current site URL instead of the network URL when sending Two Factor Email codes.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue that could prevent Sync from loading Malware Scan results if a scan previously failed.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed method that could be used to discover hidden login slug on some sites.
  • Bug Fix: Hide Backend notifications not being properly sent when first enabled.
  • Bug Fix: Load translations on the plugins_loaded hook.
  • Bug Fix: Log logins with User Logging when logging in with Two Factor.
  • Bug Fix: Prevent login page being hidden when following the “Confirm Email Address” notification URL.
  • Bug Fix: Update to the REST API “Restricted Access” feature to protect against methods to work around the restricted access.