BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Deployment: Fixed Pull failing on some fails due to encoding corrupting the metadata.
  • Fixed informational notice saying Alternate Cron enabled sometimes when it is not.
  • Fixed syntax error in rollback and deployment undo file.
  • Deployment: New “Deployment: Verify SSL Cert” setting on the BackupBuddy Advanced Settings page allowing for disabling the SSL authenticity check for outgoing connections. Useful if using an invalid SSL cert for staging.
  • sFTP destination: Added additional troubleshooting logging information for archive limiting.
  • Fixed importbuddy not deleting its log in cleanup step.
  • sFTP destination: Fix for not deleting archives exceeding archive limits on some servers when a custom path is defined.
  • Dropbox v2 destination: Fixed archive limiting not working in some circumstances.
  • Dropbox v2 destination: Updated delete call to use new v2 API for future-proofing.
  • Local path destination: Defaults now applied before all activity and path trailing slash forced before each use.
  • Added an additional backup hard-coded remote destination retry limit of 10 tries. Prevents runaway retry attempts if base system for limiting retries fails as a safety mechanism.
  • Removed ‘new’ ribbon from S3 (v3) destination.
  • Scheduling page now displays the user-friendly interval tag for schedules with the internal tag in parentheses for creating, editing, and viewing existing schedules.
  • Scheduling page now displays error at top of page and in schedule listing if an invalid schedule interval tag is selected (eg. If a plugin’s custom interval was selected but the plugin was later uninstalled).
  • S3 (v3) destination: Attempted fix on China region destinations.
  • S3 (v3) destination: Added China Northwest 1 (Ningxia) region.
  • Improved handling of edit counting for “edits since last backup” counter for better accuracy.
  • S3 (v3): China region fixes.
  • S3 (v3): Fixed East-1 problem as of
  • sFTP destination: Fix to address archive limiting not being able to delete files on some servers. Now switching into path and then deleting without path in deletion call.
  • Deployment Push and Pull buttons now indicate that Push is faster (up to 15 times faster or more!) and Pull is slower.
  • Fixed temp_dat_read-XXX.php file not being cleaned up.
  • Fixed type in remote send error email.
  • Fixed bootstrap.php error logging throwing error due to lack of quotes.
  • Stash (v2) Destination: Removed disconnected error if quota information is not available.
  • Added additional exclusions based on recommended default wpengine exclusion list.
  • Misc bug fixes.
  • Misc minor tweaks.