AMP 0.6.0

AMP was updated to version 0.6.0, from version 0.5.1. Changelog:

  • Add support for the “page” post type. A new page.php is introduced with template parts factored out (html-start.php, header.php, footer.php, html-end.php) and re-used from single.php. Note that AMP URLs will end in ?amp instead of /amp/.
  • Add AMP post preview button alongside non-AMP preview button.
  • Add ability to disable AMP on a per-post basis via toggle in publish metabox.
  • Add AMP settings admin screen for managing which post types have AMP support, eliminating the requirement to add add_post_type_support() calls in theme or plugin.
  • Add generator meta tag for AMP.
  • Add code quality checking via phpcs, eslint, jscs, and jshint.
  • Add autoloader to reduce complexity.
  • Fix Polldaddy amd SoundCloud embeds. Add vanilla WordPress “embed” test page. A new bin/create-embed-test-post.php wp-cli script is introduced.
  • Merge AMP Customizer into main Customizer.
  • Update AMP HTML tags and attributes. A new bin/ bash script is introduced.
  • Remove erroneous hash from id on amp-wp-header.