WooCommerce 3.2.4

WooCommerce was updated to version 3.2.4, from version 3.2.3. Changelog:

  • Fix – Cache IDs in shortcodes rather than query objects.
  • Fix – Fix float rounding issues in cart with currencies like Bitcoin.
  • Fix – Prevent slashes appearing in shipping fields and inside meta keys when using quotes.
  • Fix – Check valid data when filtering wp_nav_menu_objects to prevent conflicts.
  • Fix – get_total_ex_tax should exclude fee taxes.
  • Fix – Fix orders count in tax reports.
  • Fix – Allow removing coupons from the cart, even if coupons are disabled.
  • Fix – Prevent calculate_totals totals running too often.
  • Fix – Set attributes during variation creation so all options are correctly displayed in cart forms.
  • Fix – Grab description directly to pass through wc_format_content to prevent double sanitization.
  • Fix – Fix db warnings when using the “Add Order Indexes” tool.
  • Fix – Remove unnecessary html formatting in variation dimensions field.
  • Fix – Fix WC_Customer_Download isset method.
  • Fix – Removed class within class in admin meta boxes HTML.
  • Fix – Fixed wrong flex-control-nav selector scope in add-to-cart-variation.js
  • Fix – Allow variations to be added to cart from query string.
  • Fix – Use add_filter for comment_feed_where hook.
  • Fix – Change nocache_headers hook firing in the cache helper.
  • Fix – Coupon min/max spend based on displayed subtotal.
  • Fix – Fix event propagation on click in setup wizard and improve validation.
  • Fix – API – Change how line items are saved in API so calculations are correct.
  • Tweak – Hide downloads from admin emails.
  • Tweak – Set placeholder for variation lxwxh field to that of the parent.
  • Tweak – Improve the Add Payment Methods display so buttons are not shown when no payment methods support the feature.
  • Localization – Update NJ tax rate.
  • Localization – Add Belarusian ruble BYN.