BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Deployment: When full logging is enabled Deployment will log API connection attempts into the extraneous log for troubleshooting.
  • Deployment: Added Key Troubleshooting link below the API Key configuration setting for peaking into the encoded contents of the API key.

  • Updated stat() failure message to suggest possibility of file being deleted unexpectedly as possible cause.
  • Fixed HTTP Loopback test displaying 400 Bad Request despite correct Success status due to change in unknown WordPress AJAX responses as of 4.9.
  • Server Tools: Added “PHP Maximum File Upload Size (server-reported)” test.
  • Deployment: File transfers now take into account other server’s maximum PHP upload size limit.

  • Deployment: Key authentication failure logging improvements when troubelshooting enabled.
  • Deployment: Fixed issue where keys could falsely fail. If you encounter connection trouble verify the site is using freshly generated keys.