BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Fixed missing wp-db function.

  • Deploy up to 15 times faster when pushing! Multiple files sent per pass: Multipass!
  • Reduced file transfer overhead by 37%! Speeds up file transfers 37% or MORE due to less HTTP overhead.
  • All remotely performed transactions are now logged and returned with each API call so that remote activity may be troubleshooted within Deployment log.
  • Deployment now supports setting the deployed site’s Search Engine Visibility option to either visible, not visible, or no change. A default for this setting can be set in the Deployment settings.
  • No longer base64 encoding all transferred data. Left in binary.
  • PUSH mode: Multiple files can be transferred in each PHP run when Pushing (not Pulling), significanly increasing speeds of PHP file transfers.
  • Existing importbuddy from previous deployments is erased at the beginning of each new deployment to insure fresh version usage.
  • No database tables selected will no longer display warning about missing database files as this is to be expected.
  • Fixed deploy confirmation sometimes failing without error.
  • Remotely called API actions now log fatal PHP errors with shutdown function to both main log and remote API log.
  • Exclusions now include global default hardcoded exclusions.
  • Improved white-space on Push/Pull comparison table for readability when changes are only on one side.
  • localInfo is now logged to browser console when loading Deployment remote destination to aid in troubleshooting.
  • New Exclusions option alloww you to exclude files and folders from Deployment.
  • New Additional Inclusions option allows you to include additional files and folders during Deployment that are outside the media, themes, or plugins directories.
  • importbuddy.php: Now detects unexpected leading whitespace (newlines, etc) at the beginning of importbuddy.php, removed them, and re-writes a valid importbuddy.php. Fixes error about whitespace already being sent and authentication breakage.
  • Downgraded Error #437479545 to Warning.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed missing backup zip file not throwing error. New Error #8498394349.
  • hashGlob() function added support for additional optional parameter to prepend all paths in the array keys with an additional path.
  • Fixed housekeeping warning about failed destination send filename being array.
  • Rollback: Fixed undo feature sometimes displaying mysqli error about missing parameter.
  • Updated internally used wp-db class for importbuddy and rollback packages.
  • Added hook for informing PHP compatibility checker plugin that we are always compatible with the latest PHP version(s).