WooCommerce 3.2.2

WooCommerce was updated to version 3.2.2, from version 3.2.1. Changelog:

  • Fix – Properly escape commas when exporting products to CSV.
  • Fix – Fixed email template padding in Outlook.
  • Fix – Flexslider support for RTL languages and fixes for zoom target in Chrome.
  • Fix – Correctly sync prices for grouped products.
  • Fix – Filter and remove invalid tax classes names.
  • Fix – Stop showing “major” update notification for minor or patch releases.
  • Fix – Allow scroll bar in untested plugins list on the bulk plugin updates screen.
  • Fix – Fixed meta data cloning when duplicating products.
  • Fix – Clean “Filter Products by Attribute” widget cache when updating attributes.
  • Fix – Fixed warning messages when reseting passwords with an invalid key.
  • Fix – Cart totals: Don’t add shipping costs unless show_shipping is true.
  • Fix – Cart totals: Calculate shipping after discounts so discount amounts are available.
  • Fix – Cart totals: Fixed issue where VAT exempt users where still being charged VAT on the totals.
  • Fix – Cart totals: Fixed the coupons user limit and calculations.
  • Fix – Fixed “relevance” default sorting in search results.
  • Fix – Use item tax class rather than product tax class when recalculating order totals.
  • Tweak – Allow shortcodes and relative URLs for downloads in product CSV importer.
  • Tweak – Save unsaved items first while deleting order items.
  • Tweak – Only change nocacheheaders when on a cart/checkout page.
  • Tweak – Setup locale before generating settings placeholders in email templates.
  • Tweak – On checkout, improved the field locale logic to work without clearing default values.
  • Tweak – Change title of customer invoice email for clarity.
  • Tweak – Use custom event instead of blur to trigger validation.
  • Tweak – Various selectWoo usibility improvements and better support for keyboard controls on AJAX multiselect elements.
  • Tweak – Various setup Wizard improvements.
  • Dev – Fixed orders date query when querying by meta data.
  • Dev – In the CSV exporter, added a filter to process meta values before export.