WooCommerce 3.2.1

WooCommerce was updated to version 3.2.1, from version 3.2.0. Changelog:

  • Fix – Made grouped products display in the saved order, vs the menu order.
  • Fix – Made variations with ‘same as parent’ tax class calculate taxes correctly.
  • Fix – Fixed tax rate reverting to 0 when the tax rate itself is not changed and the row is saved.
  • Fix – Made tax rates sort correctly when defining postcodes and cities.
  • Fix – Made guided tour help tab videos lazy-load to prevent performance issues.
  • Fix – Added SelectWoo dependency to admin meta box scripts.
  • Fix – Fixed cart subtotal 1p rounding error.
  • Fix – Fixed discount logic to also look at variation parent categories when validating coupons.
  • Fix – Product import filename based matching, and full URL based matching where the date part would still be present.
  • Fix – Fixed storage of cart discounts when prices include tax.
  • Fix – Added styling for screen-reader-text for themes which do not define it.
  • Fix – Fixed legacy cart prices_include_tax variable.
  • Fix – Hide cat-parent class when category will show no children due to the new depth setting.
  • Fix – Make sure image zoom is enable for calling initZoomForTarget.
  • Fix – {blogname} email placeholder.
  • Fix – API – Use edit context when updating prices.
  • Tweak – Clearly describe when a feature is powered by WooCommerce Services in the setup wizard.
  • Tweak – Restored discount total line in order screen when discounts are present.
  • Tweak – Add back option to send admin new order email, and include order number and customer email in order emails.
  • Tweak – Replace settings screenshot on wp.org listing.