iThemes Security Pro 4.6.1

iThemes Security Pro was updated to version 4.6.1, from version 4.5.1. Changelog:


  • Bug Fix: Only enable the Lockout email notification is the Daily Digest was previously disabled.
  • Bug Fix: Fix JavaScript error when loading the Notification Center on some systems.
  • Bug Fix: Don’t store WP Error objects for mail errors preventing a fatal error for rare PHPMailer errors.
  • Bug Fix: Prevent error on upgrade warning the subject line was empty.
  • Bug Fix: Ensure file change notification is properly enabled/disabled on upgrade.
  • Bug Fix: Fallback to correct default subject lines.
  • Bug Fix: Don’t enable all administrators as the recipients for emails where all custom email addresses did not have corresponding users.
  • Upgrade Routine: Properly enable lockout and file change notifications, uncheck all administrators as recipients when necessary.


  • New Feature: Introduces the Notification Center, a centralized place to manage and customize email notifications sent by iThemes Security.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected some Javascript and CSS links not generating correctly on Windows servers.
  • Bug Fix: Properly restrict Application Password’s to read only REST API requests when overriding the HTTP method used.
  • Bug Fix: Ensure scheduled malware scan cron hook is setup when the module is activated.
  • Tweak: Simplify script enqueuing for Two Factor.