Hummingbird 1.6.1

Hummingbird was updated to version 1.6.1, from version 1.6.0. Changelog:

  • New: Add font types to browser and cache rules
  • New: Automatic detection of HTTP/2 and disable of combine function in minification
  • Enhance: Add a button to the cache page for saving settings (instead of ajax)
  • Enhance: Add a scrollbar to expiry settings dropdown
  • Enhance: Better sync between Hummingbird and the Hub
  • Enhance: Improve error and zone handling for Cloudflare
  • Enhance: Links to support articles will now open in a new window
  • Enhance: Gravatar caching will respect the classes of original HTML elements
  • Enhance: Accessibility on hidden form elements
  • Enhance: Gzip module page layout
  • Enhance: Add Gravatar support when using get_avatar_url()
  • Fix: Uninstall will clean out all the database rows, created by the plugin
  • Fix: Layout issues on caching page
  • Fix: Notice styles
  • Fix: Do not cache Gravatars in admin
  • Fix: Update translation strings
  • Fix: Minification link visible in admin bar for non-admins in multisite
  • Fix: Incorrect date on dashboard and Uptime module when site is down