Yoast SEO 5.3.2

Yoast SEO was updated to version 5.3.2, from version 5.2. Changelogs:


  • Fixes a bug where an invalid license notification could be shown in certain situations.


  • Fixes a bug where “mark as fixed” on the search console page didn’t work.
  • Fixes a bug where the configuration wizard JavaScript file was too large.


  • Adds missing I18n function call to make a string translatable
  • Adds XML schema for image sitemap
  • Adds schema.org meta-data on every page, instead of only on the homepage
  • Adds the possibility to filter posts by readability score
  • Exposes tinyMCEHelper as window.YoastSEO.wp._tinyMCEHelper in JavaScript
  • Exposes the ReplaceVar class in YoastReplaceVarPlugin as window.YoastReplaceVarPlugin.ReplaceVar in JavaScript
  • Adds sanitization for the Twitter Image meta field
  • Fixes use of register_meta for usage in WordPress 4.6 and higher
  • Initialize the providers on hook after_theme_setup to make sure custom providers are added properly
  • Changes the label of the “Bad” score to “Needs improvement” while filtering on SEO or readability scores