Sucuri Security 1.8.11

Sucuri Security was updated to version 1.8.11, from version 1.8.8. Changelogs:


  • Modify Sucuri firewall detection with regular expressions
  • Modify option to force scanner to ignore directories
  • Modify form to monitor and ignore post-types
  • Modify miscellaneous changes in some alert messages
  • Modify error message displaying for invalid CSRF validations
  • Fix minor issues with the version detection code
  • Remove internationalization support for consistency
  • Add support for the RTL reading direction
  • Add API key in admin notice when it is being deleted
  • Fix modification date for corrupt core files
  • Fix audit log parser for incompatible JSON data
  • Fix password visibility when the option is changed


  • Version bump skipped


  • Remove duplicated failed user authentication log
  • Remove trailing forward slash from asset URL
  • Fix post-type ignore tool to allow hyphens in the ID
  • Fix queries to the database in the last logins page
  • Remove unnecessary option queries to the database
  • Fix PHP notice for a string offset cast occurred
  • Remove unnecessary data from the website info page
  • Modify timing for the execution of the Ajax requests