Publish to Apple News 1.3.0

Publish to Apple News was updated to version 1.3.0, from version 1.2.7. Changelog:

  • Moved JSON customizations to themes so that JSON can be customized on a per-theme basis.
  • Enabled access to postmeta in custom JSON so that values from postmeta fields can be inserted into customized JSON.
  • Removed all formatting settings from the settings option in favor of storing them in themes. This is a potentially breaking change if you are using custom code that relies on formatting settings stored in the settings option.
  • Removed the option for JSON customization in favor of moving those settings to themes. This is a potentailly breaking change if you are accessing the custom JSON option directly.
  • Deprecated access of formatting settings using the Settings object.
  • Added a new Theme object to handle all formatting settings.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where themes were not being automatically switched via section mappings.
  • Bugfix: HTML in titles is now supported.