iThemes Security Pro 4.5.0

iThemes Security Pro was updated to version 4.5.0, from version 4.4.1. Changelog:

  • New Feature: Introduces Magic Links module. Users can now request a magic login link when logging in during a brute force attack on their username.
  • New Feature: Added a new setting in WordPress Tweaks: “Login with Email Address or Username”.
  • Enhancement: Host email images from the plugin instead of relying on iThemes servers to help email clients marking messages as spam or blocking images.
  • Bug Fix: Improved Recaptcha compatibility with WooCommerce.
  • Bug Fix: Error when searching for modules preventing modules from appearing.
  • Bug Fix: Use the wp_options table when acquiring locks in Multisite.
  • Bug Fix: Prevent duplicate daily digest emails on sites with high load.
  • Misc: Added Magic Links, a new Pro-only feature, to be activated by Security Check.
  • Misc: Rearranged modules to be listed alphabetically.