Gravity Forms 2.2.5

Gravity Forms was updated to version 2.2.5, from version Changelog:

  • Updated form view recording so that IP isn’t included.
  • Fixed an issue where the taxonomy returned in the $args by the gform_post_category_args filter is not used when populating the Category field choices.
  • Fixed admin field labels being displayed when the form is embedded in an admin page or the front-end via Ajax.
  • Fixed the Post Content field validation not checking the submitted value does not exceed the configured maximum characters.
  • Fixed PHP notices in the form editor when creating a new form with quotes in the description.
  • Fixed content templates being processed during post creation for fields hidden by conditional logic.
  • Fixed the forms list views column displaying cached counts for a time after the views have been reset.
  • Fixed missing dependency for form_admin.js on gravityforms.js (requires the gform object).
  • Fixed JS error caused when 3rd party plugins include conditional_logic.js without generating a gf_form_conditional_logic variable.
  • Fixed a PHP notice which could occur if an array was passed to the rgblank helper function.
  • Fixed dynamic population of the Multi Select field failing when multiple choices are passed in the query string.
  • Fixed an issue with the redirect confirmation for Ajax enabled forms where the URL is encoded incorrectly.
  • Fixed js and css files registered with field enqueue conditions not being included in some situations.
  • Fixed js files registered with field enqueue conditions being included when the field is set to administrative which, in some situations, could cause JavaScript errors.