AMP 0.5

AMP was updated to version 0.5, from version 0.4.2. Changelog:

  • Whitelist Sanitizer: Replace Blacklist Sanitizer with a whitelist-based approach using the AMP spec
  • Image Dimensions: Replace fastimage with fasterimage for PHP 5.4+. Enables faster downloads and wider support
  • Embed Handlers: Added support for Vimeo, SoundCloud, Pinterest and PlayBuzz
  • Analytics: UI for easier addition of analytics tags
  • Fix: parse query strings properly
  • Fix: Old slug redirect for AMP URLs
  • Fix: Handle issues with data uri images in CSS
  • Fix: Add amp-video js for amp-video tags
  • Fix: Output CSS for feature image
  • Fix: Fix attribute when adding AMP Mustache lib
  • Fix: Various documentation updates
  • Fix: PHP Warnings from register_customizer_ui
  • Fix: Coding Standards