Jetpack by 5.1

Jetpack by was updated to version 5.1, from version 5.0. Changelog:

  • You and your readers can now show appreciation to particularly clever comments with the new Comment Likes feature.
  • Quickly visit your current site’s front-end directly from the Masterbar’s new “View Site” item.
  • Site data fetch from /me/sites REST API endpoint now includes blog_public in the list of returned options.
  • The Flickr widget now automatically displays images in a grid if there’s enough room.
  • E-mail sharing is now disabled by default unless it’s explicitly enabled by a filter or Akismet is active.
  • Updated instructions in Flickr widget to reflect recent changes to the Flickr UI.
  • EU Cookie Law Banner cookie no longer cached.
  • WP Admin menu can now be accessed in mobile when Masterbar is displayed.
  • We now sync the order_id for order_items in older WooCommerce versions.
  • UI now handles VaultPress connection or registration problems gracefully.
  • Photon now works correctly with images uploaded before WordPress 2.7.