iThemes Security Pro 4.2.0

iThemes Security Pro was updated to version 4.2.0, from version 4.1.1. Changelog:

  • New Feature: Added support for email notifications when automatic updates are installed.
  • Enhancement: Multisite Support for Settings Exports
  • Enhancement: Added warnings to the Version Management settings page if the system or site configuration could prevent automatic updates from working as expected.
  • Enhancement: Added support for validating the Recaptcha hostname by using the ‘itsec_recaptcha_validate_host’ filter.
  • Enhancement: Refresh module settings after an import has been completed.
  • Enhancement: Notify the user of invalid file paths for Log Files, Backups and NGINX Conf file during an import.
  • Enhancement: Replaced file locking with database locking. This method of locking is compatible with all systems as it does not require the ability to write files. It also allows for locking to work on sites that have multiple front-end servers with a shared database. Since file locking is no longer used, the Global Settings > Disable File Locking setting was removed.
  • Enhancement: Add “Copy to Clipboard” functionality for server and wp-config rules.
  • Bug Fix: Prevent 404s when following links in email notifications on a site with Hide Backend enabled.
  • Bug Fix: Ensure uninstall process is not run when another version of iThemes Security is still active.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed method of working around Hide Backend.
  • Bug Fix: Warnings are no longer generated when saving a user profile with a role of “No role for this site” selected.