Instant Articles for WP 4.0.1

Instant Articles for WP was updated to version 4.0.1, from version 4.0.0. Changelogs (going back because the last few versions didn’t show the changelog):


  • Check for array index before using it
  • Enable deletion of JSON AMP Style and removes an undef index
  • Fixed several php notices. Also fixed a bug in should_subit_post()


  • Fix “Empty string supplied as input” bug
  • Adding support to IA->AMP conversion
  • allow markups in footer/copyright
  • Open Graph Ingestion Flow
  • Update Google Analytics compat


  • Add post ID to instant_articles_content filter
  • Adds ver= to invalidate plugin resource files
  • Fix wp_is_post_autosave() parameter value
  • Allow for alternative file path for json rules
  • fix merge damage
  • Extracted anonymous inline function
  • Apester plugin support
  • Switch on/off configuration for enabling comments/likes by default
  • Add an option to set a footer


  • Call instant_articles_post_published hook to determine published status
  • capability to toggle RTL option
  • Fix typo for $provider_url at L42, L44 and L46


  • Fix typo on script
  • Add transformer rule for cite element
  • add into oEmbed $provider_name
  • Don’t try to load embeds compat unless we’re in Instant Articles context
  • Add is_transforming_instant_article() conditional
  • Ad de_DE
  • Change save_post priority
  • Add missing information to composer.json
  • Add release script


  • Remove deprecated rules and add rules for imgs inside links
  • Update stats code to use FBIA SDK
  • Enables Playbuzz plugin out of the box