EWWW Image Optimizer 3.4.1

EWWW Image Optimizer was updated to version 3.4.1, from version 3.4.0. Changelog:

  • added: move the Alt WebP script to an external resource by defining EWWW_IMAGE_OPTIMIZER_WEBP_EXTERNAL_SCRIPT
  • changed: API keys are partially revealed, for easier verification
  • changed: API key no longer uses password field to avoid problems with auto-fill
  • changed: API key activation raises JPG and PNG to lossy and enables backups
  • fixed: bulk delay setting not carried over to bulk optimizer
  • fixed: WP Offload S3 uploads images prior to background optimization, resulting in a second upload afterwards
  • fixed: single-site settings override not saving in certain cases on multisite
  • fixed: AMP pages are broken when Alt WebP is enabled with old versions of libxml (less than 2.8.0)
  • removed: unnecessary call to WP Offload S3 update function after optimization