Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights 6.1.10

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights was updated to version 6.1.10, from version 6.1.7. Changelogs:


  • New: Performance improvement in tracking.


  • New: Plugin has been tested for compatibility with WordPress 4.8-beta1. We’ll continue to test through the beta and release candidates, but MonsterInsights is 4.8 ready as-is.
  • Tweak: Deleting lite plugin will no longer delete license key of installed pro version.
  • Bugfix: Import/export settings page has been fixed so that on sites with a ton of plugins installed that make lots of admin bar items, the admin bar will have relative positioning now to allow it to be scrollable.
  • Bugfix: Users with more than 1 property for the same domain name can now use any of the views for those properties.
  • Bugfix: For Pro users, sometimes all available addons for your license level didn’t show, requiring you to download them from our site. This has been corrected.


  • New: Functions needed to support future features including enhanced eCommerce
  • Bugfix: Compatibility with Firefox for link tracking.
  • Bugfix: Issue saving certain fields.