WooCommerce 3.0.3

WooCommerce was updated to version 3.0.3, from version 3.0.1. Changelog:


  • Fix – Fixed an issue with variation tax-classes when set to ‘parent’. This made taxes apply on top of the tax inclusive price in certain setups.
  • Fix – Escaped attribute translations in the cart.php template and bumped the template version to match.
  • Fix – Corrected the display of refund dates on the order screen.
  • Fix – Fixed the grouped product visibility check in the grouped.php template and bumped the template version to match.
  • Fix – Fixed the sale badge display for grouped products.
  • Fix – Added the itemReviewed structured data for product reviews to make it validate.
  • Fix – Made the get_attribute method work on variation objects.
  • Tweak – Turned off the deferred email sending by default which was added in 3.0. Whilst it does improve performance, there were compatibility problems on some servers. It can be enabled with a filter if desired.
  • Dev – Added backtrace information to the deprecation messages to help find problem plugins.


  • Fix – Removed required states for GP, GF, KW, LB, MQ, RE and YT countries.
  • Fix – Made cache in the [products] shortcode respect filters from plugins.
  • Fix – Added missing woocommerce_cross_sells_columns filter.
  • Fix – Fixed shortcode rendering on the shop page.
  • Fix – Fixed incorrect sale dates when bulk editing variations.
  • Fix – Fixed calls to wc_reduce_stock_levels in PayPal and Simplify gateways.
  • Fix – Exclude “location” meta when reading customer meta data.
  • Fix – Updated emails/email-addresses.php, emails/email-order-details.php, content-single-product.php, checkout/form-shipping.php, myaccount/form-add-payment-method.php, myaccount/form-edit-address.php, myaccount/form-lost-password.php, myaccount/form-reset-password.php, myaccount/orders.php and myaccount/view-order.php template version to 3.0.0 since they had changes since 2.6.
  • Fix – Fixed default behavior of variation tax classes when originally set to “parent”.
  • Fix – When duplicating products, do not copy slug, append “(Copy)” to the product name, correctly copy all meta data, and prevent children of grouped products being duplicated too.
  • Fix – Removed duplicated items when outputting cross sells on the cart page.
  • Fix – Fixed output of default “add to cart” text of external products in loops.
  • Fix – Fixed backwards compatibility of guest checkout rules when being altered by plugins directly.
  • Fix – Use correct thumbnail sizes for variation images in the new gallery.
  • Fix – Fixed captions on thumbnails and main image in the new gallery.
  • Fix – Trigger wc_fragments_loaded after add to cart fragment refresh.
  • Fix – Download permissions; Convert dates to timestamp on read so UTC is preserved.
  • Fix – Fixed notices under PHP 7.1 when sorting products by name (numeric).
  • Fix – Added additional checks to ensure objects are read before using class methods to avoid errors.
  • Fix – Removed legacy suggest.js code which was causing JS error on bulk edit.
  • Fix – Fixed warnings on the “Lost password” page and when loading a product with invalid attributes.
  • Fix – Made background emailer update the queue after a successful send so duplicate mails are less likely.
  • Fix – Typo in flexslider_enabled option in new gallery script.
  • Fix – woocommerce_notify_low_stock and woocommerce_notify_no_stock options had no effect.
  • Tweak – For downloadable files, only validate file type when dealing with relative paths.
  • Tweak – Improved automatic variation name generation.
  • Dev – Added product visibility terms to system status report to help debug.
  • Dev – Introduced woocommerce_admin_order_date_format filter to replace missing post_date_column_time.
  • Dev – Introduced woocommerce_update_customer_args filter to prevent updates to user objects if needed.
  • REST API – Fixed saving of variations in legacy REST API v3.
  • REST API – Fixed backwards compatibility of line_items meta in legacy REST API.