Publish to Apple News 1.2.5

Publish to Apple News was updated to version 1.2.5, from version 1.2.4. Changleog:

  • Bugfix: Fixed version of PHPUnit at 5.7.* for PHP 7.* and 4.8.* for PHP 5.* in the Travis configuration to fix a bug with incompatibility with PHPUnit 6
  • Bugfix: Set the base URL for the Apple News API to everywhere for better adherence to official guidance in the API docs
  • Bugfix: Made the administrator email on the settings screen no longer required if debug mode is set to “no”
  • Bugfix: Converted the error that occurs when a list of sections cannot be retrieved from the API to a non-fatal to fix a problem where the content of the editor would appear white-on-white
  • Bugfix: Resolved an error that occurs on some systems during plugin activation on the Add New screen due to a duplicated root plugin file in the version of the plugin