Publish to Apple News 1.2.2

Publish to Apple News was updated to version 1.2.2, from version 1.2.1. Changelog:

  • Created Apple News themes and moved all formatting settings to themes
  • Added support for sponsored content (isSponsored)
  • Added ability to map categories to Apple News sections
  • Split block and pull quote styling
  • Allowed for removing the borders on blockquotes and pull quotes
  • Added post ID to the apple_news_api_post_meta and apple_news_post_args filters
  • Fixed handling of relative URLs and anchors in the post body
  • Provided a method to reset posts stuck in pending status
  • Added a delete confirmation dialog
  • Added a separate setting for automatically deleting from Apple News when deleted in WordPress
  • Fixed captions so that they’re always aligned properly with the corresponding photo
  • Added separate settings for image caption style