Gravity Forms 2.1.3

Gravity Forms was updated to version 2.1.3, from version 2.1.2. Changelog:

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Added Dutch (Belgium) translation.
  • Added form ID and field ID modifiers to ‘gform_field_content’ and ‘gform_field_input’ filters.
  • Added gform_target_page filter to allow modifying the target page.
  • Added gform_order_summary filter.
  • Updated gform_add_meta() and gform_get_meta() to no longer save meta for psuedo-entries; requires an integer greater than zero.
  • Updated strings for translations.
  • Updated the Czech (cs_CZ) translation.
  • Updated the gform_form_trash_link filter to include $form_id as the second parameter.
  • Fixed several PHP notices and warnings which occurred when saving a new confirmation with PHP 7.1.
  • Fixed the entry detail/{all_fields} display value for the Single Product field when the quantity input is empty or the price is 0.
  • Fixed an issue with the PHPMailer error message logging statement.
  • Fixed the filter links on the Forms list page incorrectly displaying “All” as the current filter when another filter was selected.
  • Fixed an issue where fields can show up as invalid in the form editor if the form was updated using the form object returned after a validation failure.
  • Fixed an issue with the view entry links on the entry list page when the list has been sorted.
  • Fixed PHP notice during submission if a non-field merge tag is used in a calculation formula.
  • Fixed an issue with the no duplicates validation for the Phone field.
  • Fixed strings for translations.
  • Fixed an issue with the forms current page number when resuming an incomplete submission for a single page form which could prevent Stripe.js from processing the submission.
  • Fixed an issue setting the entry payment date when starting a subscription.