BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Increased robustness of catalog.
  • Catalog is now backed up more regularly locally during file send step, at least once each 90 seconds, at the beginning of step.
  • Upon detection of a corrupt or truncated catalog file (eg. due to PHP process being killed) if the backup catalog is larger it is reverted to as to prevent ‘falling back’ to a much earlier catalog state requiring many file re-transfers.
  • Fixed housekeeping not cleaning up recently made bbold and bbnew tables if in rollback_cleanups settings array. Resulted in some bbold & bbnew hanging around longer than normal.
  • Fixed confirmation of a Deployment pull not immediately cleaning up tables NOR undo PHP file.
  • Housekeeping remove_temp_tables() now accepts $backup_age_limit so that clicking button to perform housekeeping will immediately clean up ALL deployment tables.