EWWW Image Optimizer 3.2.3

EWWW Image Optimizer was updated to version 3.2.3, from version 3.2.2. Changelog:

  • added: image linker for media images optimized using scheduled optimizer or the old Scan and Optimize
  • added: low memory mode for bulk scanner with notice to user
  • added: ability to manually configure how much memory is available using EWWW_MEMORY_LIMIT constant
  • added: variable query counts depending on available memory
  • added: ability to view and remove debug.log from settings page
  • added: ability to manually disable background optimization using EWWW_DISABLE_ASYNC constant
  • changed: check every 100 images during scan to avoid timeouts and memory errors
  • changed: additional folder scanner can stop & resume mid-folder
  • fixed: bulk scanner updates timestamps when it should not
  • fixed: special characters are mangled during database insert on some systems
  • fixed: pending images that were already optimized were not cleared from queue
  • fixed: images with invalid updated dates in database corrected
  • fixed: images that should be excluded from optimization were still queued even though they would not be optimized
  • fixed: results column was too short, causing bulk optimization to get stuck on an image that was previously optimized
  • fixed: if two different attachments reference the same image, duplicate records could be inserted into database during media scan