WooCommerce 2.6.9

WooCommerce was updated to version 2.6.9, from version 2.6.8. Changelog:

  • Theme – Added support for Twenty Seventeen Theme.
  • Fix – Excluded webhook delivery logs from comments count.
  • Fix – Included password strength meter in “Lost Password” page.
  • Fix – Order fee currency in admin screen.
  • Fix – Variation selection on Firefox 40.
  • Fix – Don’t prevent submission when table is not found on cart.
  • Fix – Improved layered nav counts on attribute archives.
  • Fix – Fixed pagination when removing layered nav items via widget.
  • Fix – Default BE tax rate.
  • Fix – Downloads should store variation ID rather than product if set. Also fixes link on account page.
  • Fix – Use wp_list_sort instead of _usort_terms_by_ID to be compatible with 4.7.
  • Fix – Only return empty string if empty for weight and dimension functions.
  • Fix – Added correct fallbacks for logout/lost password URLs when endpoints are not defined.
  • Security – Wrapped admin tax rate table values in _escape to thwart evil CSVs an admin user could upload.
  • Dev – API – Only update categories menu order and display if defined.
  • Dev – Fixed when should deliver wp_trash_post webhooks.