Yoast SEO 3.6

Yoast SEO was updated to version 3.6, from version 3.5. Changelog:

  • Introduces the installation wizard that enables an easy way of setting up Yoast SEO. The installation wizard enables you to:
    • Newsletter signup.
    • Specify the environment in which a site is running.
    • Specify the type of a site.
    • Specify a company or person for the metadata used in Google’s Knowledge Graph.
    • Specify social profiles.
    • Specify post type visibility.
    • Specify if you have multiple authors.
    • Setup Google Search Console.
    • Setup the title settings.
  • The installation wizard replaces the tour.
  • Adds a notification to the Yoast notification center to start the onboarding wizard.
  • Adds a button on the general settings page to start the onboarding wizard.
  • Adds a premium tab to the metabox.
  • Introduces a feature toggles tab on the Yoast SEO dashboard where users can enable/disable certain features.
    • New: Enable/disable the advanced settings pages.
    • New: Enable/disable the Yoast SEO admin bar menu. Added after receiving feedback from multiple users who wanted this option.
    • Moved: Enable/disable The OnPage.org integration.
  • Removes the tour. With the help center available on every Yoast SEO page or section and the new installation wizard, there was no real usecase for the tour anymore.
  • Fixes sorting the table in sitemaps.
  • Fixes a bug where keywords with a $ where not recognized.