Genesis 2.4.2

The Genesis theme was updated to version 2.4.2, from version 2.3.1. Changelogs:


  • Fixed issue with featured post/page widget outputting `entry-content` div when XHTML is active.


  • Fixed some typos in the What’s New page, as well as the file.
  • Fixed issue with filters on featured post and page widget content output.


  • Added unfiltered_or_safe sanitizer.
  • Added or corrected lots of inline documentation.
  • Added phpcs.xml file for code standards testing.
  • Added identifying classes to featured posts\’ “More Posts” section title and list.
  • Added $wrap and $title to the passed arguments of the genesis_post_title_output filter.
  • Added new features to the Markup API, allowing for open and close arguments, passing content, and new filters.
  • Added js-superfish class to all menus that support it.
  • Added missing “to” in genesis_prev_next_post_nav()\’s comment header.
  • Added new functions that handle the logic for meta and favicon markup, and amended existing output functions to use them.
  • Changed URLs for gravatars on the “What\’s New” page to use HTTPS.
  • Corrected typo on SEO settings screen.
  • Changed Featured Post widget to use placeholder instead of default value for number of posts to show.
  • Updated with release notes going back to 1.6.0.
  • Changed CPT archive intro setting to use unfiltered_or_safe sanitizer.
  • Changed some code and all documentation to better match WordPress coding standards.
  • Moved h1 elements outside the form on admin settings pages.
  • Changed Featured Post entry header to display <header> wrapper even when only byline is showing.
  • Changed heading on the import/export admin page to h2 from h1.
  • Extracted XHTML from Genesis output, and added it back in with new
  • Markup API filters if HTML5 is not supported.
  • Moved SEO tooltips to Help tab on post editor screen.
  • Changed to use of time constants in update check transients.
  • Changed sitemap to hide Posts-related sections if the site has no Posts.
  • Changed genesis_user_meta_default_on() and Genesis_Admin::create() to do return checks earlier.
  • Moved genesis_create_initial_layouts() to the genesis_setup hook. Possible breaking change, in order to ensure compatibility with WordPress 4.7+.
  • Removed colons from labels on settings screens.
  • Removed errant $ in the URL used in the “parent theme active” admin notice.
  • Removed unused global for Admin Readme class.
  • Removed dead code in two post shortcode callback functions.
  • Removed unused parameters in genesis_nav_menu_link_attributes().