BuddyPress 2.7.0

BuddyPress was updated to version 2.7.0, from version 2.6.2. Changelog:

  • Groups Query Overhaul – Huge performance improvements on sites using persistent caching.
  • Improved Profile Date Field – New Date Field settings, “Date format” and “Range”, make it easier for site administrators to decide how date-based data will be collected and displayed.
  • Group Types Integration in Templates – Enable developers to show Group Types on the front end as well as control where the group type information is rendered.
  • Use the Site Icon as Your Site’s Profile Photo – BuddyPress sets the site admin’s profile photo as the default site profile photo on the Sites Directory page. You can now use the Site Icon introduced in WordPress 4.3 instead.
  • Member Type and Group Type Filters in Users and Groups Admin Screens – Easily filter your members and groups by type and set types in bulk on the users and groups list tables in the dashboard.
  • Localized Timestamps – Fix inaccurate timestamps due to time zones or page caching with new client-side timestamp handling.
  • Links to Unsubscribe from Emails – Improve user experience by facilitating the removal of any or all subscriptions via new email tokens and unsubscribe links.
  • Use WP Page Names for Headings of BP Directory Pages – Whatever you choose as the title of your Activity, Sites, Members, or Groups directory pages on the back end, is what you’ll get as the heading on the front end.
  • Accessibility Updates for the Front End and Back End – Continued improvements for universal access help make BuddyPress back- and front-end screens usable for everyone (and on more devices).
  • Refactored BP_Button Class to Accept New Arguments – Provides developers with improved syntax and more control over the rendering of buttons.
  • Improvements to a Single Group’s Management Screens – Improved markup, new modular group management templates, and a new member search form are just some of the enhancements added to the single group admin screens.
  • Support for Querying for Groups by New Column parent_id – Query support for hierarchical groups makes it much easier for developers to add custom front-end functionality.
  • Many, Many Performance Improvements – Improved performance by removing extra database queries, adding new cache calls, and removing the number of loops in bp_get_user_groups().