BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelog:

  • Fixed undefined class backupbuddy when Google Drive multipart upload fails.
  • Fixed error about trigger being logged when backup triggered by Sync.
  • Stash Live Stash version now shows only compatible versions in listing.

  • Fixed Scheduled Page Datepicker Date Format Issue in WP4.6.
  • Fixed $this->_error called in static function without that method in housekeeping.
  • Now checking PHP min version before offering Stash Version option in Stash Live settings.
  • ImportBuddy: Added destination for .user.ini custom PHP configuration warnings.
  • Added cron loopback test to pre-backup preflight check.
  • Fixed error attempting to disconnect from Stash Live since last version release.
  • Added ‘Show preflight results’ button to upper right of Backups page.