Jetpack by 4.3.1

Jetpack by was updated to version 4.3.1, from version 4.3. Changelog:

  • We’re now syncing data about hosts so that we can provide better support when needed.
  • Minor update to inline docs to match version numbers.
  • Admin Page: fix error when Admin Page resources could not be fetched with wp_remote_get due to unique host configurations.
  • Admin Page: fix error when Post By Email could not be enabled when the browser’s dev console was enabled.
  • Admin Page: make sure all translated strings are encoded properly.
  • Admin Page: only use POST requests for updating the state of Jetpack, to avoid issues on servers not allowing PUT requests.
  • Admin Page: search icon no longer overlaps the global notices.
  • Admin Page: make sure that non-admins can also modify Spellchecking settings.
  • General: Improve random number generation for compatibility with more hosts.
  • General: Add deprecated PHP file (class.jetpack-landing-page.php) back as an empty file, to avoid generating fatal errors on sites with aggressive caching.
  • General: Ensure concatenated CSS is generated for RTL languages.
  • Security: Ensure that all options are included on the security tab.
  • Stats: fix display for sites with pretty permalinks disabled.
  • Subscriptions: ensure that no email is sent when updating a published post.
  • Sync: To improve performance, add snapTW to the list of post meta data that won’t be synchronized for each post.
  • Sync: do not schedule a full sync after each import.
  • Verification Tools: in the Settings card, use appropriate link for each service.