Edit Flow 0.8.2

Edit Flow was updated to version 0.8.2, from version 0.8.1. Changelog:

  • Improvement: Updated Spanish localization.
  • Improvement: New Swedish localization.
  • Improvement: Japanese localization 100% on translate.wordpress.org
  • Improvement: Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Improvement: Internationalization improvements in settings and calendar.
  • Improvement: Corrections made to Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Improvement: Updates Travis CI to support containerization, PHP 7 and HHVM.
  • Bug fix: Fix PHP warning in class-module.php.
  • Bug fix: Add label to Dashboard Notes so it displays as “Dashboard Notes” when exporting.
  • Bug fix: Clean up PHP code to comply with PHP Strict Standards.
  • Bug fix: Removed deprecated get_currentuserinfo.
  • Bug fix: Adding $post param to preview_post_link filter to fix PHP warning.
  • Bug fix: Calendar current_user_can capability check corrected.
  • Bug fix: Clean up custom status timestamp fix and add unit tests to test different cases of the hack.
  • Bug fix: Fix error messaging for module settings pages.
  • Bug fix: Add check on user-settings.php to prevent error.
  • Bug fix: Add check for empty author when sending notification.
  • Bug fix: Remove PHP4 constructor from screen options.