CloudFlare 3.0.2

CloudFlare was updated to version 3.0.2, from version 1.3.24. Changelogs:


  • Disabled HTTP/2 Server Push which was leading to 520 and 502 errors for some websites.


  • Fixed HTTP/2 Server Push exceeding the header limit Cloudflare has which caused 520 errors.
  • Fixed warning message in HTTP/2 Server Push.


  • Added one-click application oft WordPress specific recommended settings
  • Added ability to purge the CloudFlare cache
  • Integrated with WordPress cache management to automatically clear the CloudFlare cache on updating site appearance
  • Added ability to change CloudFlare settings (Always Online mode, I’m Under Attack, Image Optimization, Security Level, Web Application Firewall)
  • Added Analytics showing Cached Requests, bandwidth used, unique visitors, threats blocked
  • Added Header rewrite to prevent a redirect loop when Cloudflare’s Universal SSL is enabled
  • Added HTTP/2 Server Push support
  • Added Support for PHP 5.3+
  • Removed HTTPS Protocol Rewriting
  • Removed submission of spam comments
  • Removed ability to toggle Development Mode On/Off
  • Updated user interface
  • Started to support WordPress 3.4+ instead of 2.8+ because we depend on the WordPress Options API