BackupBuddy was updated to version, from version Changelogs:

  • Downgraded GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting warning as they have addressed the broken cron problems for US-based customers so the issue may now finally be resolved for USA-based hosting accounts. Non-US customers should contact GoDaddy support until this is resolved in non-USA datacenters.
  • Stash Live: Added last remote snapshot ID to stats.
  • Stash Live: Troubleshooting log will now highlight an issue if the last snapshot occurred greater than 7 days past the due time OR twice past the due time.
  • Stash Live: Troubleshooting log will now include response from API server of last snapshot request if last snapshot is either overdue by twice the snapshot interval OR 7 days past the snapshot interval due time.

  • Already-depricated Stash remote destination version 1 will be discontinued September 27, 2016. Please update to Stash v2 before then.
  • ImportBuddy: Fixed undefined index for max runtime if not set by server.
  • Server Tools: Made active plugin listing resizable.
  • Server Tools: Made ‘Delete All Crons’ button more visible and placed at the right side of the cron listing table. Shown at top and bottom of table.